By JEM (Degrees 4 Dogs Contributor)

Our dogs instinctively know when we are happy and when we are sad, and when we are somewhere in between.

Who do you want on your side during a break-up? Apart from friends and family….Your dog, of course.

Break ups can be difficult. Regardless of who is the break-up-er, and who is the break-up-ee, the parting of the ways can often bring on very personal emotions of grief that only dogs can understand. Dogs have special ways of helping us navigate through life’s experiences. When you are healed and ready to get back into the dating game again, these 4-legged beings will ‘paw’ over dating website possibilities with you…and probably help you with a short list!

This faithful crew below are not the judge’s choice or final five from an online survey. They are simply a few of our favourites nominated by those who have had these fur-friends on their side during relationship break-ups!!

1. Labrador/Retriever
Continually reassures you are loved by their deep desire to be in your presence. They are not fussy about food, or how it is plated up or the temperature. They are more than happy to share TV dinners, comfort food and snacks with you. During this time, they are not overly motivated to exercise and just content to laze around with you. “Whatever you want to do if OK by me” mission statement.

2. Terriers
Have the reputation of “therapy dog” for good reason. They are content to rest their head on your lap without commenting on your tummy rumbling. They lovingly lick away the tears over a soppy book or movie or memories, and they don’t cringe when you eat all the chocolate. The way they stare adoringly up at you without blinking melts your heart.

3. Bull-Dog
Reassures you are loved by giving you slobbery kisses without any expectations. They are happy to sprawl on the sofa with you in quite immodest positions. They love playing dress-ups and know full well your wrinkles are laughter lines, just like theirs. Added note: Politely leaves the room when experiencing gassiness (flatulence).

4. Poodle
Believes a manicure, pedicure followed by a facial and massage are fantastic therapy for both of you. They do not hog the doona, and help with chores like cleaning the floor without being asked. They think you both look cool in hair curlers. Lovingly nuzzles into your neck without leaving a hickey.

5. Irish Wolfhound
Reminds you their breed was originally used in war to drag men off horses and chariots, so if the ex comes around he will be dealt forthwith. If they could, they would trot down to the newsagent and buy all the trashy magazines for you as they know celebrity gossip is a good distraction. They let you play with their beard, and bring you the box of tissues when you are sad.

Our list isn’t exclusive. Here’s to all those beautiful little, big “heart healers” – we love you heaps.

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