We are all proud and doting dog owners, guardians, pet parents, custodians. Regardless of the ‘title’ that sits most comfortably with us, we do love to brag about our dog’s abilities, appearance, personality, traits, tricks, silliness and cleverness.

The inspiration for Degrees 4 Dogs comes from lots of different doggies who have woven themselves into our lives, in particular this little fella.

Introducing adopted senior Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Degrees 4 Dogs (D4D) resident Doctor of Philosophy.
“Charlie, DPhil.”
He is totally deaf, old in years but young at heart. He is clever and although he can’t hear, he watches facial expressions like a hawk and pretty much gets most of the hand gestures. He manipulates expressions to effectively achieve end goals; has conducted over 1800 hours of intense human observations; he sees clouds (and waves) and ponders reflectively upon the meaning of life…..and he has ESP (he knows exactly what we are thinking! All the time!!)

Meet Charlie – Our “Philosophiae Doctor”

Hanging out with Charlie and his friends, we found ourselves asking these questions:

Do dogs really chat to other dogs about puppy school, training days and doggy day-care?
We imagined they said “Yes!” They swap stories…about their teacher, the other students in the class…and of course, who is the teacher’s pet!

Do dogs aspire to get higher qualifications, and have letters after their names?
We imagined they said “Yes!” again. In fact, Nigel (Chihuahua) wants to be a Doctor; Buster (Collie) an Engineer; and Ruby (Schnauzer) an Astrophysicist. Sasha (Poodle) has always dreamed of being involved in Fashion; Paddy (Labrador) a Gourmet Food Critic and Thor (Blue Heeler) desperately wants to be officially recognised as the Tradie Assistant – Carpenter.
Even Charlie has a real talent for digging up old bones, so in addition to his Philosophy PhD Dogtorate we might just enrol him to do his Bachelor Degree in Excavation or Earth Moving, a Masters Degree in Geological Formations then a Dogtorate of Archaeology!

How could our dogs do this….would they have to go to a college or university?
We imagined they said “No Way!” They would rather get their degrees online (with some help of course!).

In case you are wondering, if we were to build a university for dogs it would be pretty amazing with bow-wow facilities, huge bone-shaped paddle pools, with plenty of grass and trees, and heaps of activities to do. And a Michelin 3-star, 3-Hat gourmet canteen!
Isn’t imagination wonderfully whimsical!

And so the Degrees 4 Dogs community began. A joyful journey, Degrees 4 Dogs is a light-hearted dog-friendly twist on Diplomas, Bachelor and Masters Degrees and the all hallowed, The Dogtorate PhD, for our divine little and big furry friends. INSTANT DEGREES – no study, no exams, no assessments, no homework!!!
An Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Astrobiologist, Botanist, Criminologist, Doctor, Engineer, Homeland Security (Special Agent), Lawyer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Ufologist and many more.

Because we recognise that some doggies are super-special, we have created MASTER DEGREES in HUMANITIES for Assistance, Companion, Service Dogs; Mature Aged Dogs; those wonderful Disabled Dogs; Rescues and Adoptions; Show Dogs; Working Dogs and the amazing 4-legged beings in the Special Forces.

TRADIES don’t miss out either. Brickies, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Chippies/Carpenters, Concreters, Electricians, Painters, Plasterers, Plumbers and Tilers can show appreciation of your offsider with a BACHELOR DEGREE in their own trade!

For the newest member of the family, your little (or big) PUPPY we offer a Freebie “Puppy Antics” Diploma.

Degrees 4 Dogs gives everyone bragging rights about their dogs. A PERSONALISED Degree (with your dog’s name and photo). Why not upload favourite photos or videos of your dog’s activities (we call it the “Academic Record”) on our social media pages as evidence of their degree achievements!
We invite you to brag shamelessly. Anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Your doggy’s success is a great reason for us to celebrate too…..shamelessly!

Degrees 4 Dogs is proof your dog is smart, funny, unique, beautiful or handsome….yelp, your dog is special!

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.”
(Phil Pastoret, Author)