Frequently Asked Questions Cheat Sheet

Where is the university located?
Wherever you want it to be. On your phone, tablet, desktop – any internet device.

What facilities does the university have?
In our imagination, it is state of the art. With lots of paddle pools in the shape of huge bones; quiet rooms where dogs can chill; huge ballrooms where dogs can dance & sing (loudly); lots of trees and grassy areas for outdoors stuff; and the best gourmet dining room on the planet.

Is there parking available?
No. Then there would be parking meters, and parking rangers & parking fines. Grrrrr!

What qualifications do the lecturers and professors have?
Heaps. Lots of life experiences too.

It’s not a real university, is it?
It is hard to define “real”. Let’s say it is real-great, real-fun, real-easy.

How do I start? What do I do?
It’s easy.
To get started….Click on Enrol for Free OR Click on View All Degrees to view all the Diplomas and Degrees available.

Step 1: Select your dog’s FREE DIPLOMA/S or Skip the freebies and go straight to the DEGREES.

Step 2: You can buy any Degree, any level (Bachelor, Masters, PhD Dogtorate) for your dog.

Step 3: Key in text in “Add Dog Name” box (e.g. Charlie) AND Upload your dog’s photo in “Add Dog Image” box (JPEG Image)
** Photo minimum 100 X 100 – Photo maximum 1,000 X 1,000 pixels
** You may have to re-size your photo (look for re-size arrow bottom right-hand corner of image) and check placement of photo (best place is at the bottom between the signatures)
Chief’s photo will be replaced by your dog’s photo. Chief is there to guide you! **

Step 4: Double check everything is correct, click on “Add to Cart” Button to add each degree (or Diploma) to your shopping cart.

Step 5: Complete the Enrolment form (a bit about you & your contact details, and a bit more about your dog)

Step 6: Finalise everything at Checkout via PayPal.
** You will be asked to Enrol before you pay, to make sure we have an email address to send your dog’s degrees to.**

Step 7: Once your order is paid for, you will receive an email receipt and access to PDF downloads of all your degrees/diplomas. Print, Frame, Show Off!

Step 8: The fun step. This is where you brag your heart out about your dog, display the degree document on social media; upload photos and videos of your dog’s activities completed in attaining the degree (called the Academic Record!) and show off to everyone just how smart, clever, funny, silly, beautiful, handsome your doggie really is.

We want to make sure everything is done right…first time!

There are lots of degrees to choose from, and some free Diplomas to get your dog started on its educational journey.

The concept is light-hearted. There are no formal rules here, so you could Diploma in anything, and end up in Law or Medicine or Education or Science. Or skip the Diplomas and go straight to the Degrees! In anything!!
Battle it out with friends – the first pooch to get a PhD Dogtorate in Aeronautical Engineering or Cognitive Architecture or Ufology or Folklore & Mythology!!

Do the dogs have to complete assignments?
Did you do all your assignments at school, or did your dog eat your homework?
There are no assignments as such however there are plenty of activities your dog can do for each degree. That’s when you take photos and/or short videos and upload them onto social media pages as proof to brag. We call it the “Academic Record”!

What about field work?
Oh, we do love field work. This is where the bragging & skiting takes over. Take photos and/or videos of any activities in each degree. Upload them onto social media pages (yours and ours) and brag, brag, brag your heart out. We love seeing doggies doing their thing just as much as you do!

What do I do once I’ve selected the degree I want for my pooch?
“Add Dog Name” Button (a box will be displayed for you to type in your dog’s name)
“Add Dog Image” Button – to upload a photo of your dog (MAXIMUM 1000 X 1000 pixels). You can adjust the photo and move it to ensure correctly placed.
Two To-Do Things to personalise your Diploma and Degree documents. 

Can I add my dog’s photo to the Diploma and Degree document?
You most certainly can. It’s easy to upload the image onto the Diploma/Degree you have selected.  The photo will appear at the bottom of the diploma, degree document. The quality is dependent on the quality of your photo, and size, of course.
** Click on the “Add Dog Image” Button on the degree. (a box will be displayed for you to upload photo)
** Don’t forget to re-size a large photo so it fits into document without overlapping the words. Max. 1000 x 1000 pixels. Re-size arrows are at the bottom right-hand corner of your image
** Best place for photo? At the bottom of  the document, centred in between the two signatures. Chief’s photo is there only as a guide & will be automatically replaced with your dog photo.

Fluffy wants to be an Engineer and a Fashionista. Can she do both degrees?
It sounds like Fluffy could achieve anything. Go Fluffy! Yes, of course she can do both degrees. Simply add one degree at a time into your shopping cart.
Remember to include Fluffy’s name on each degree, and upload your favourite “Fluffy Foto”” onto each degree to make it really impressive.

I want to get a degree for Pixie, my sister’s dog. How do I do this?
Enrol Pixie under your sign in. Have a photo of Pixie handy so you can upload it onto the actual degree. Choose Pixie’s degree, type in Pixie’s name, upload Pixie’s photo (don’t forget to check placement & re-sizing image) then purchase via PayPalWhat a lovely surprise for Pixie (and for your sister too!)

We have two dogs in our family, and they both want degrees. How do I enrol them both?
Select the degrees, key in the name and upload photo for Doggie #1.
Do same for Doggie #2.
Don’t worry, they know you don’t have favourites and they are both Number 1 in your eyes!
PS: You can enrol them at the same time, on the same form if you wish.

Can I upload the Diploma and the Degrees onto my Facebook Page, my Instagram or Twitter….to show off?
Of course you can – it is your right to brag!!
The Diploma and Degree documents are emailed to you in PDF format. There are heaps of PDF Converter apps/freebies that enable you to convert a PDF to a JPG quickly, without any fuss.
You can share this on Facebook if you like, along with photos of your dog’s Academic Record achievements e.g. Wears camouflage jacket with pride. Or PhD in Archaeology…Displays old bones in chronological order, Is Indiana Bones in uncovering new dig sites. Your bragging rights are endless.

We are giving you as many options to tell the world about your dog’s achievements.

Can I print the degree, frame it and hang it on the wall?

Yes, show it off anywhere. Be shameless about your bragging rights.


Payment Security
We accept PayPal only. No cheques, no direct deposits and please no cash!
Choosing to purchase an item on the internet is a purposeful decision. For that reason we provide the Pay Pal facility to ensure your payments are safe and secure.

Contact us direct via email if for any reason your dog is not satisfied with its degree.